The Crypto Artificers Guild is fast approaching the completion of the phase one trials. In this phase we deployed twenty unique mystical NFTS created by several teams using different methods and traditions. The spread of rarity of our phase one NFTs was as follows:

Ten 10/10
Two 5/5
One 2/2
Seven 1/1…

We’re excited to announce the next phase of our early test NFTs, a new collection on that explores the synergistic properties of combined mystical artifacts, Mystical Alchemy. This collection explores the conceptual space of alchemy and the complex interactions between primitive elements and the catalysis that bind them.

Beta Cinnabar — a Mystical Alchemy Artifact


We have to be honest and say we were not prepared when we first began our NFT journey. Our organization, founded before the advent of the NFT, was ill prepared for the reality of NFTs and the predation and practices common in this economy. If you’re new to NFTs you…

We just minted our first coin in the Artifact Treasury collection and it’s available exclusively to our our active beta testers who provide feedback on the mystical NFTs they own.

#1 Forge Coin, only available to active beta testers

You can become a beta tester by requesting one of our Mystical Artifact Forge NFTs when we announce drops on…

Ever since the first person gazed at the stars or stared into the eyes of their firstborn they have felt a connection with something beyond themselves. Human history, across every culture, speaks to this transcendental experience, this ephemeral connection to something beyond. The mystical can be found expressed in every…

Crypto Artificers Guild

Something old, something new. We are a guild of mystics, artists, and technologist that craft digital artifacts to enhance lives.

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